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As our everyday lives become increasingly stylish on web-situated instruments and services, and as these structures accumulate extra of our most sensitive information, the demand grows for professionals within the discipline of cybersecurity.
Do you want a greater recognize online protection and look after your digital existence, whether at house or work? Might be you wish to be competent to recognize the threats that would damage you online and the steps which you can take to lessen the chances that they will occur to you?
Internet laptop protection is a problem of foremost importance, principally when you consider that the pervasive affect of the web on almost all segments of the computing enterprise. Systems utilized in properties, schooling, business, and govt are all prone to invasion and this is the place the venture steps in.

ONLINE.IO platform aims at making a groundbreaking trade of the web, by using revolutionizing the looking expertise and making it turbo, non-trackable, without malware and ad free. Website operators gain a significant amount of revenues from commercials, which can be modified via implementing our solution headquartered on the incredibly scalable, obvious and absolutely responsible Blockchain technology, in an effort to be certain they get fair remuneration based on the number of viewers, time spent on their pages and the interplay with the site, creating a extra suitable atmosphere for pleasant, as opposed to spammy cash pushed webpages.

How it works?

The economic moneymaking basis for website operators would be the proof of online, specifically a quantity that quantifies the time spent via customers on each internet site. Most significantly, everybody will advantage from an advert free, cozy and exclusive browsing experience. Also, the tip customers will probably be competent to rank each website founded on their experience, through making use of a balloting approach situated on 1 to 5 stars. The celebs will then be converted situated on an algorithmic formula in trust ranking in an effort to be an indicative of every web pages' first-class, awarded via its viewers.

WHAT are the essential features of

No ads
At this second, the online users are paying to browse the web, either through subscriptions or through much less obvious prices, equivalent to digital advertising. In our envisaged atmosphere the online customers will enjoy an advert free web, even as the net operators will still improvement from monetary rewards.

Antivirus defense
The gigantic expansion of the internet and the excessive measure of connectivity result in a identical or even more dramatic rise in cyber-attacks aiming at gathering sensitive and confidential information. Some of the outstanding method of carrying a cyber-attack is via the infected web sites that more commonly include hidden malware scripts. Our answer will shield the end users making use of a custom anti-malware and ad blockading script so that it will guard their personal data and increase their protection.

Turbo looking
humans are conscious that online commercials are slowing down their looking speed, consequently an increasing quantity of users are making use of advert blockers to navigate the internet faster. Through our resolution, end users will benefit from the consequences as making use of an advert blocker, whilst also having fun with a extra cozy and personal experience because of the opposite aspects. Furthermore, the net operators will still be able to monetize their web sites' content.

Browser extensions
Our solution comes with extensions for the entire foremost computing device and cellular browsers and entails the ad blocker, monitoring script blocker, anti malware and the net pockets. On high, we will integrate a voting procedure by way of so that it will support curate the internet.

Cell utility
Our cellular purposes will perform as a wallet, advert blocker, tracking script blocker and anti malware. The cellular apps will even contain a efficiency and battery time enhancer to be able to additional strengthen the browsing expertise.

Our wallets will work on all major operating methods and browsers. Mobile telephones and tablets could have one app for wallet, advert blocker, monitoring script, anti malware and desktop working method can even have dedicated app wallets.

Our website can have a full section committed to discovering all the locations where that you may purchase utilizing a in-apartment developed merchant system. Additionally, the marketplace will incorporate certain expertise involving how other merchants can integrate our merchant approach. Understanding involving worldwide workforce of partners will also be on hand.

merchants will probably be equipped to accept crypto repayments via our method by utilising our API or premade modules for many widespread ecommerce software solutions like shopify, prestashop, opencart, magento and others.

Ethereum established
Our solution makes use of commonplace ERC20 tokens from the Ethereum platform which guarantees full transparency and accountability, which means all transactions will be seen on the public BlockChain.

No monitoring
In contemporary interconnected society, firms adopted less obvious practices of on-line tracking and behavioral profiling. Very touchy understanding, comparable to monetary and wellbeing records are usually accrued, therefore elevating a myriad of privacy considerations. Our answer incorporates a tracking script blocker on the way to severely disrupt the capability to proceed tracking in actual-time the consumer’s pastime.


Executive agencies and huge internet companies that shall stay unnamed thrive on tracking your every transfer! Most effective collectively we can put a discontinue to this!

These days websites are filled with commercials that attempt to sell you whatever they think you need through developing an unfriendly and worsening shopping experience. Also, plenty of them have hidden malware, scammy commercials or mining scripts.

Online.Io platform goals at making a groundbreaking alternate of the web, by way of revolutionizing the looking expertise and making it faster, non-trackable, without malware and advert free.

Internet site operators attain a large quantity of revenues from advertisements, which may also be changed via enforcing our answer headquartered on the particularly scalable, obvious and utterly liable Blockchain science, so that they can make certain they get fair remuneration headquartered on the quantity of viewers, time spent on their pages and the interplay with the website, making a more suitable atmosphere for high-quality, versus spammy money pushed webpages.

A brand new internet site rating approach will be developed for the neighborhood and you as part of this group will decide upon the quality of the websites you consult with. This may reduce the time and stress spent on click bait pages and also you will have more time for priceless pages.

Generation Token Events
Pre Sale Start date: June 15, 2018
Common start date: July 10, 2018
TGE end date of 31 July 2018
Max OIO token 2.500.000.000
Price token OIO $ 0.04
Soft cap: $ 5,000,000
Hard cap: $ 50,000,000
Mechanics Token

June 15 – June 19 – 25% Bonus
June 20 – June 24 – 20% Bonus
June 25 – June 29 – 15% Bonus
30 June – 4 July – Bonus 10%
July 5 – July 9 – 5% Bonus
July 10 – July 31 – Without Bonuses

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