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Discount on insurance at ecommerce website

IRDAI mentioned in the state that people who are going to sell the insurance policy on website would get the discount. At the e-commerce website the insurers need to register and sell the policy online. The IRDAI said in the circular that it is also open to the intermediates in the insurance business and get the guidelines on e-commerce for the insurance sector. IRDAI was the one who issued the guidelines and announce the launch of the registration portal for the ISNP, IRDAI brokers and the corporate agents who sell and provide the facilities through the insurance policy platform. The insurers just need to create the login for the registration and need to submit the ISNP form on the official web portal.
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IRDAI clearly said that the company may provide the discounts to the insurers If the policy of the
customers sold through the e-commerce websites. It is very helpful for the companies to increase the
insurance penetration.

During using the e-commerce website, the insurer will get the host of the service in which many things are included such as policy detail, name, address, collection of the renewal premiums, surrender or withdrawal, policy revival, fund switching, duplicate policy which will be added in the e-commerce website.

Along with this the IRDAI company said that the customer need to visit to the official web portal where the customer can get the complete guideline and methods to fill the policy detail and login to sold the policy to the other customers. The insurer will get the discount fater selling the insurance to the other customer.
IRDAI also says that it is simple, convenient and best way to sell the policy and keep the country free
from the corruption. Insurer can get the file registration number and complete detail about the other

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