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Claim about the vehicle by filing methods

Claim about the vehicle by filing methods

Supreme Court announces that the insurance claims cannot be rejected if the owner delays in filing. The granting is relief to the man who denied the claim for the stolen vehicle. The Justice RK Agrawal and S Abdul Nazeer said that the rejection of the vehicle claims on the purely technically grounds will be the result like, loss of confidence of policy-holders in the insurance industry. On the other side the observation came as the bench allowed the appeal of the man who against the ruling of the NCDRC that insurance firms can simply and directly deny the claim advantage for delaying in the fitting the insurance policy of the person. Reliance General Insurance Company has to pay the amount of RS 8.35 lakh to the person whose truck was stolen and it was insured. But the customer delay in filling the claim benefit.
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The action was taken by the apex court and asks to pay the claim to the customer for the insured truck
but the claim was clearly rejected because of out of date.

It is clearly mention by the company that if the delay in making the claim was satisfactorily explained then the claim cannot be rejected on the ground of delay. Along with this the customers needed to give the state that it would not be fare and there is no reason to reject the claim which is genuine and also had been already verified by the investigator.

In the state about claiming the insurance of the vehicle, the apex court said that the consumer protection act aims at delivering the brilliant protection of the interest of consumer. It is very important for the insurer to intimate after the theft of the vehicle. The customer would get the claim in heavy amount and it is benfcial for the vehicle owner.

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